Answered By: Brody Selleck
Last Updated: Jan 09, 2019     Views: 3219

Google Scholar is a terrific resource for helping you find scholarly research and information for your own work, and a Google Scholar search often generates a substantial number of good sources.  You should not rely solely on Google Scholar results to compile your research.  There are some distinct advantages to searching library databases in addition to Google Scholar.

If you only search Scholar, you may miss some great sources. While Google Scholar links to many online journal articles, it does not link to all of the articles available full-text to Bucknell users through the library's online databases.  It is also important to know that Google Scholar usually does not indicate what databases and repositories it is searching. You may be missing out on a huge collection of digital literature simply because it is not available through Google Scholar.

Google Scholar is a great place to start looking for journal articles, but if you are doing in-depth research or a literature review, search the library's databases via Research by Subject.